The citizenry has been consumed by Industrial Complexes, bureaucracies and failed leadership.  These entities have colluded to create trillions in cash for themselves…the very few.  The formula used to create this cash is un-creativity, inefficiency and corruption.  This formula has created a national debt, without wealth.  Traditionally our debt was a source of wealth that was enjoyed by all, on a national level. “We” watch all of this in disbelief, it’s so blatant and transparent. This anemic response, watching in disbelief, as our children’ future is decimated for cash is an epic failure not just to our children but to our democracy.  Just seems we should try to do something.


Statistically, our individual political leanings are so strong that we will only vote for our own, be that Republican or Democrat.  This dynamic has led to voting districts that are set in stone.

I did a Wiki-search on my state’s 12 congressional members and found that the majority of them are just average people.


Each voting district has a population of roughly 700,000 people  Of those 700,000 people there is a tiny handful who are actually extraordinary.  Let’s replace our average representative with an extraordinary one.


The cornerstone of the Formula is acknowledgment of the make up of each voting district.  In every case the constituency, the average representative, and their extraordinary replacement will be either Republican or Democrat.  This isn’t about flipping districts, it’s about saving hundreds of billions of dollars through creativity and expectations of efficiency.  Status quo is simply not acceptable and this Formula is a good starting point.  



Before anything else, the Candidate will be either Republican or Democrat, as such, they will share the same view as the constituency on emotional issues such as abortion, guns, and immigration.  

The Candidates are by nature obsessed with efficiency and the bottom line. They have achieved enormous success and have a resume to prove it. Having achieved success, the Candidate has taken a step back to a place that allows hobbies and thoughtful contemplation.  There is an acute awareness that America has created their success and for that they are extremely grateful.  What they are witnessing now is a source of angst and sadness.  In the back of their mind they would like to do something…But what?


The Candidate is not political, has no ulterior motives, and a pure moral trait.


Expectations of Efficiency Through Creativity


I believe my diagnosis of our problems, and the solutions to those problems are sound.  All of this falls under the umbrella of a movement I call Normal.  Normal is not a political movement, it is an economic lifestyle decision on a national level.  We are being led by 535 members of congress to a place that is not fiscally sustainable.  Armed with the Normal mandate of Expectation of Efficiency Through Creativity, while utilizing The Formula we can change out enough members of congress to change the insidious trajectory we currently find ourselves. I hope you will join me on this journey to Normal for the sake of our children and future generations.