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Our representatives and their cronies have been living an irresponsible lifestyle over the past 30 years and have run up an enormous debt.  It doesn't matter if the economy implodes as some are predicting, one way or another there is going to be a dramatic lifestyle change to deal with the debt.  Historically the entities that created the mess in the first place are going to slink away unscathed leaving the good people of this nation experiencing an enormous amount of pain.  In the following paragraphs is my diagnosis of the problem and my mechanical solutions created to address the problem.  In the end "We" will be imposing a lifestyle change on them.

IT is a statistical fact that 85% of people are good. That means that the United States is home to 270 million good people, which is potentially an enormous amount of power. Unfortunately, the powers that be understand that the political divide runs right down the middle of Main Street USA and this is an effective tool to methodically and intentionally keep us at one another’s throats, thus minimizing and exhausting the power of the masses. This may be difficult to accept, but we are all we have. It is imperative to grasp just how important you are as an agent of change for the future of our nation. In order to reclaim our power, we need a movement that is steeped in morality, one that is substantial, worthy and dedicated to move in harmony as one cohesive unit. 

WE are trillions in debt, while simultaneously running trillion-dollar deficits, yet strangely we have nothing to show for all of this spending. Considering our roads are in shambles, our education is failing, and the healthcare system is broken, where has all of the money gone? In my opinion, what we’re witnessing is a well-planned and orchestrated transfer of wealth and power from the masses to the few.  

THIS transfer could not occur without the complicity of both Republican and Democratic leaders. This is bipartisanship in its most evil form and they are harming society in so many ways and at every level. I Googled government waste and was truly overwhelmed by the numbers. What I came to understand was waste is an unnecessary lifestyle decision that permeates the entire federal government. As despicable as the spending and debt are, this waste is completely immoral and can no longer be tolerated. We must find a place to start. The tax code is 4,000 pages of mass confusion, the vast majority of those pages are dedicated to tax avoidance. Noncompliance and purposeful tax avoidance has resulted in an estimated $500 billion a year in lost tax revenue, and that is a conservative number.  

Janet Yellen puts that number at $7 trillion over the past 10 years. The tax code is just the tip of the iceberg and a good example of our waste in general. It’s blatant, completely transparent, and addressing it is as easy as just picking great piles of cash up off of the ground. The reclamation of power begins with taking responsibility and accountability. As a democracy, we own this tax fiasco. There is not one street-level Republican or Democrat who doesn’t understand that the tax code, in its present form, is a societal abomination and a blatant sell out to moneyed interests.  

IN order to succeed as Americans, we as individuals need to commit to a role. Within the 270 million, there are thousands of college students. From this student pool, we draw from the specialties, of business, tax law and accounting. Their roles: Write a tax code that is simple, transparent, and nimble enough to close the loopholes as that are presently open. The role for all good Americans is to impose the new tax code on our representatives: Democracy! This endeavor begins by changing our posture. In a democracy “We the people” are the parents, disciplinarians and agents of change. The current state of our nation is a result of an undisciplined child, and it’s time to have an adult conversation with our representatives.  

Representatives, your annual oath of office concludes with the statement “So Help Me God.” That is a powerful statement, especially when taken literally. Is it taken literally? I wonder how God feels about being insinuated into this government-made, catastrophic mess?  Your contempt for us, our children, and future generations is palpable, and when juxtaposed to the adoration displayed to nefarious entities who have committed themselves to the dismantling of our democracy for the sake of gathering as much cash as possible is repugnant. You are a cog in a corrupt, immoral and Godless industrial complex. We are through and we’re going to take our country back. So help me God.  

THE most efficient way to gain access to the industrial complex is to replace the Democrat and Republican Party cogs with uncorrupt, highly intelligent and creative people, whatever their party affiliation. The nation’s voters are divided equally, mostly Republican and Democrat, which is great. Our voting districts are set in stone, which is great. These circumstances have led to a two-party system that is easily corrupted, infiltrated and influenced by big money. The cogs are bought, paid for and beholden to these influences, which is evident in lawmaking.  

Voting districts are made up of roughly 700,000 people. A small number of these people are extraordinarily successful. Entrepreneurs, business people or CEOs who possess the ability to see the big picture, then apply business logic, organization, creativity and efficiency to create wealth. Their managerial prowess is second only to their innate sense of decency. There is no shade of gray in the debate of right or wrong; there is only right, integrity, honesty, morality and duty. I believe that, under the right circumstances, we can convince these extraordinary Republicans and Democrats to make a run against the insidious cogs. I’m emotional about this. I fret, dwell and worry, “is everyone seeing this?” My concern for future generations is visceral. I write daily, obsessing over potential solutions, and I don’t know why. I’m a carpenter foreman, not at all political, and in fact have rarely voted.  

SO where is all of this coming from? Why me? And that’s when it hit me: “It isn’t just me.”  It’s “we.” It’s hundreds of millions of good people, tens of thousands of college students, and thousands of extraordinary people who feel just what I feel. Understand this: While our problems are enormous, they are not insurmountable. We can’t afford to feel defenseless and defeated. This is our time, a time to trust one another, to embrace our morality, and our collective, innate goodness.  It’s time to step up and go to work for ourselves and future generations. That is the power of “we.” 


Expectations of Efficiency Through Creativity


I believe my diagnosis of our problems, and the solutions to those problems are sound.  All of this falls under the umbrella of a movement I call Normal.  Normal is not a political movement, it is an economic lifestyle decision on a national level.  We are being led by 535 members of congress to a place that is not fiscally sustainable.  Armed with the Normal mandate of Expectation of Efficiency Through Creativity, while utilizing The Formula we can change out enough members of congress to change the insidious trajectory we currently find ourselves. I hope you will join me on this journey to Normal for the sake of our children and future generations.

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