The system can be fixed!

This is a very exciting time for us. it’s imperative that you understand, our debt is not insurmountable. We can do this, and more importantly, once the decision is made, and actual steps are taken, we are going to feel such relief. Many of the anxieties we suffer will begin to melt away, only to be replaced with the confidence pride and joy that comes with taking action. I really look forward to working with you in this exciting time for our nation.


We’ve run up a 22 trillion dollar debt (Plus an unplanned 2.5 trillion in Corona virus aid) and there is nothing to show for it. No enormous public works project like the Hoover Dam, or the Panama Canal, in fact, our infrastructure is in a shambles. No extraordinary scientific advancements like walking on Mars for instance. We actually have to bum a ride from the Russians to get to the space station...It’s an embarrassment.


The question that needs to be asked is what did we get for 22 trillion? Where did it go? Look there is nothing more important than our debt and what it means to future generations, and our representatives rarely mention it. This speaks directly to an utter lack of character, courage and morality. We find ourselves in a place that is completely UnAmerican, and simply not sustainable.

I hate to break this to you, America is a Capitalistic Democracy. What this means is that “We”, the 320 million consumer/voters are responsible for where we find ourselves. It’s this feeling of responsibility that has led me to start the NORMAL Party. The exact tenets of the party will be made clear through my blog and podcast, but it’s built on a foundation of responsibility to future generations. Obviously I can’t do this alone, I need your help, which begins by declaring, “I will try”

In the spirit of participation I'm seeking a little help from you.

I am very serious about what I'm doing, I believe the platform is solid, but I've got to see that I'm not alone 

The role of Normal party representative is to create transparency and smooth legal access to the bureaucracies for these managers to do their thing.