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Isn’t it strange that when someone criticizes presidents Bush or Obama our response is physical. It’s akin to a group of white people facing off with a group of black people and each group criticizing the other.


It’s a physical response that brings emotions racing right to the forefront. What this demonstrates is that we come by our political leanings genetically. This gene, which I’ve named Democris-Republi exists in all of us at various levels. The majority of us possess “Normal” levels of the gene, which makes us fairly reasonable people, our leaders possess abnormally high levels of the gene which makes them completely out of their minds.


Look our leaders are not bad people per se, they are genetically flawed, as such they are unable to make sound decisions. Unfortunately because of our genetic ties we are unable to be critical of our own, which explains how we find ourselves finger pointing and looking on in disbelief as our leaders drive our great nation right off of a cliff.


A light just clicked on didn't it? Suddenly things make sense. The mechanics of our situation revealed. Our frailty exposed. But the real significance is yet to be realized.


Understanding the genetic conundrum is what makes Normal party members so relevant today. Our voting disticts are set in stone. No one is going to change their opinion on the emotional issues, no matter how much ranting is done. Our leaders vote strictly along party lines. The nation is split virtually in half. With trust as a cornerstone the oportunities for problem solving have never been better.


The constituent can trust that the representative shares their emotional views. The representative can trust that fellow party members will not veer recklessly off message, and can take comfort in the fact that there are well over 100 million Americans holding vigil over the party's emotional tenants. As such the representative can focus all of their energies on streamlining our government.


Normal party representatives will be genetically normal, emotionally strong, independent, smart, wise, and brave. Their world view include the notion that most of us are good, and all of us are in the same boat. Normal party Republicans and Democrats understand that the country is desperate for leaders willing to lead from a platform of expectations.  We didn't get here over night and we darn sure aren't getting out of here over night. We can do this, and we have got start today



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