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3-Legged Stool

There is an investment strategy known as the Three Legged Stool that defines stability. I’m going to take liberties and use it to describe our society. The first leg is the most vulnerable and ranges from infancy to seventeen years old. Starting out completely helpless and then slowly progressing both physically and mentally and then finally concluding with the tumultuous years of puberty. This leg of society requires nurturing and guidance from the other two.

The second leg spans the years of 18 to 50. This group is maturing, finding love, starting families and careers. They are strong of heart and mind, and make up the backbone of our society.

The third leg of the stool ranges from the age of 50 to the coffin. Our life experiences and mortality awareness provide a thoughtful enlightened perspective.

When paired and working in harmony the unique characteristics of the final two legs of life are invincible. We have a moral responsibility to use our God given talents to create stability where there is currently nothing but immorality, disarray and debt.


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