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Blog 7

I saw myself as a righteous conservative deficit hawk who railed against things like the F-35 lightning, one-trillion dollar airplane that had trouble getting off of the ground, and once airborne is out-maneuvered by everything else out there. I say that strategically speaking the nation is safer not having spent the money in the first place.

Just as disturbing to me are social issues like welfare as a lifetime vocational decision. These things drive me absolutely wild.

What is particularly strange about my strong feelings is that I work in construction overseas on US government installations and am a participant and beneficiary of government waste on a daily basis. I eventually had to admit that I was no better than a welfare recipient, and I didn’t like it. So I began to mull on the mechanics of what very quickly became obvious. Our problems are systemic and cover a spectrum as vast as a trillion dollar airplane that doesn’t fly very well, to a 350 pound food stamp recipient, to some guy out there wandering the globe building stuff for no obvious benefit. All of these things being paid for by a country that is trillions in debt. This is absolutely absurd.

Listen guy’s, our future generations are in much more danger from our debt and continued spending than they are from terrorism or anything else, and we as a nation aren’t even trying! Not even trying!!! to do anything about it. So that’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to “Try.”


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