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We were living on the 6th floor with a view of a mega daycare. At recess times the playground teemed with tyke mayhem. Beings of like size running and careening in every direction. A mesmerizing kaleidoscope of bedlam on foot, kick bikes and scooters. As an observer I found myself laughing audibly, flinching and cringing at near collisions. How do they avoid crashing into….Ooops, I guess they don’t. Unfazed, the little buggers would pop up and race back into the melee. This wonderful source of joy was met with a twinge of disappointment as the adults, woeful and shuffling, gathered the scrum of exuberance and herded them back indoors.

As an optimist I see our society as I saw those little kids, a careening, melee of bedlam, and an enormous source of joy…We are just great! Now I realize that we’re going through a bit of a rough patch, there will always be ebbs and flows, but there is far too much work to be done to dwell, all forlorn. As we move towards Normal we need to summon our communal joy and go dashing into life.


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