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A Common Goal

I’m in construction and work all over the world. I just came off of an African site that consisted of a local African work force that was intermingled with Egyptians who were managed by Turks, a Pakistani QC guy, a handful of Filipinos and a small group of Americans who were in charge of everything. The majority of the site was Muslim, and there was a strong contingent of Coptic Christian, a smattering of Catholics and an Evangelist or two. A few people had degrees from years at university and there was a segment with no education and probably illiterate. This make up had real potential for chaos, but there was none, in fact everyone got along great. The reason for this is that we were all working towards a common goal.

I am not suggesting that we need to change one single thing about ourselves. My experiences prove there is no need to. We have a common goal. That goal is the debt and what it means to future generations.


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