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A Little Help

The success of Normal is dependent on a super majority of street level Republicans and Democrats. I’ve Formed Normal, have a blog, and some video. I would now like to begin public speaking. The 2nd district of Washington state is a Democratic stronghold that runs up the I-5 corridor from Lynwood to Canada, this is where I would like to begin. Obviously this can’t be done alone so I’m raising my hand and asking: “Will you help me?”

My hope is that you can provide me with a small venue to speak. The front yard, backyard, barnyard, churchyard. Because of Covid, I’d prefer the outdoors, but will gladly mask if need be. I was hoping for an invitation to an existing small gathering, like bible study, or in conjunction with a local sporting event, a backyard barbecue or the weekly card game. Give me fifteen minutes to make my pitch, we can talk about things if that’s what folks would like, and then I’ll be on my way.

Normal is a socio-economic movement dedicated to resolving the status quo of blatant waste and corruption … we’re going after the money. If you’re not in the 2nd district, please follow me and pass along positive thoughts. It makes a difference. If you can help me with a small venue: cel# 206 228 9003. email:


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