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“Follow the Money!” It’s a common refrain and most of us would agree that the money trail begins with the campaign. When I ran for congress in 2020 I was out to prove that it didn’t need to cost millions of dollars to run a political campaign. Betsy and I hopped in the car and traveled to the communities of the fifth district, where I explained the mechanics of Normal while handing out business cards. This strategy didn’t lead to victory but I did garner nearly 6000 votes, as well as an education. If status quo is an enormous infusion of cash and a complete lack of creativity, then Normal is the antithesis of status quo. I believe that through creativity I can run a campaign for the cost of gas. I’m not running for office but I do want to run a Normal mock campaign in the second district of Washington state. I know from experience that I need a social media/marketing person but as a carpenter can’t afford one. So I was thinking of a bartering arrangement, I’ll work on your home in exchange for your expertise in marketing. I’m in the Seattle area and would prefer not to go too far beyond. Email PH # (206) 228-9003 FB messenger Brendan O’Regan


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