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Based On Need

An acquaintance once told me that he drew his social security at the age of 62. When the first check showed up it was 700 more than expected. The additional money was a result of having a child in high school. It wasn’t something he had to qualify for, in fact he was a millionaire and didn’t need the additional funds at all. My mind went to tax returns. “Did social security realize you had wealth? I mean was there a special form that needed to be filled out?” This was misconstrued, he became indignant and replied, “I have never in my life requested money from the Federal Government!” All I wanted to know was if Social Security was aware of his wealth. “It might be fiscally better for the nation if the contribution was based on need.” He actually agreed, which is important and telling. He then shared a story of friends who would have lost their home if not for the additional funds. It just seems to me that in our current situation we need to get creative, be respectful of our precarious fiscal situation, making contributions based on need would be a good start.


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