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Be Counted

Blog 28 Say what you would like (or don’t like) about the debates - “My guy won!!!” These people are not like us…they are not Normal.

The more I travel through the 5th district, the more obvious that becomes. When a lone man walks in, lay’s out a plan that holds “Us” responsible for where we find ourselves, and then provides solutions that, while audacious, holds possibilities, is disarming. People let down their guard, the conversation becomes, just that, a conversation.

There is a sense of being untethered. Folks find themselves seeking stability in President Trump or Mr. Biden. Seeking safe harbor in the Republican or Democratic party, only to find uncertainty and chaos. The notion that the answers lie in US seems so unlikely. We’re uneducated. We’re not qualified. We’re completely in over our heads.

That is all true enough, but I’m afraid the truth is “We” is all we’ve got, and you can take it from a lone, unqualified man, taking some sort of action comes with an enormous amount of relief. Be counted.


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