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Be Very Afraid

I failed with yesterdays post so I want to try again. I’m watching 60Minutes. Interviewer: “People are afraid” Respondent: So, So, So, afraid. “People are hurting” “People are hurting So, So, So much.” In this context “People” is referring to the vast majority of the 300 million of us. What’s odd is that I have spent almost the entire time of Covid in my car driving from community to community just talking to people. “People” aren’t afraid, they are cautious, they are following protocol. They stay at home because there is nothing better to do, and it isn’t just that the vast majority are not hurting, they can’t figure out why the government is sending them money, their financial circumstances have not been affected by Covid, and the “People” believe this to be wildly irresponsible. If my goal was to create a weak society I would try to convince people to be afraid, that they are hurting, stay at home, and we’ll send you money. Now it may well be that the government is completely out of touch with reality, and to think that they could actually plan and pull anything off is absurd, but there is something unhealthy going on, much more than a pandemic.


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