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CEO vs Normal Joe

I believe that the entrepreneur is the backbone of the American economic system. I don’t begrudge Gates, Bezos or Musk their unlimited wealth, but once they turn the operation over to a CEO as Bill Gates did with Steve Ballmer, the CEOs salary needs to be more reflective of the wage of the Normal Joe employee. Currently an average for CEO compensation is around 270 times more than Normal Joe. The problem with their compensation is they don’t spend it, and it isn’t taxed appropriately. Let’s say Ballmer was compensated 100 times that of Normal Joe and the other 170 was distributed to the employees. Normal Joe’s wage would go up which would create more tax revenue, and because Normal Joe actually spends it, an economy is created at the street level.

As a republican I cringe at minimum wages imposed by government, but if the wage of the CEO of Walmart was directly tied to the Walmart greeter, I would imagine the greeter and the community being much better off. And if this upsets the CEO he should become an entrepreneur.


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