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Let’s begin again. It is a statistical fact that 85% of us are good, that equates to 276 million good people divided equally Republican, Democrat. We have been manipulated into believing that our nation’s problems are a result of either Republican or Democrat representation, by extension of political leaning we take this very personally. So much so that in some cases we are acting out violently. Democracy is effectively scuttled by the division of the Good. “We” the 276 million are not the problem we are the solution to the problem with that comes an enormous responsibility. This is not about unity, bringing Republicans and Democrats together is an absurd notion. It is about addressing a common cause for the good of the nation by reestablishing the power of our democracy. By my reckoning, our government wastes around one trillion dollars a year. There isn’t a single American out there who isn’t absolutely disgusted by this…Common cause! Now what we need is a formula. I’d like you to go to my You Tube channel “Normal Party Brendan O’Regan” You’ll find a three minute video that presents the Normal Formula. Don’t view the video with skepticism, view it with optimism and a sense of adventure and possibilities. Then I’d like you to go to my webpage and just have a look at a few videos. I like my blog posts, they’re not wordy or preachy, They’re short and concise, give them a read and consider giving Normal a life.


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