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Civilized Democracy

From a Normal mechanical perspective It’s not important that “We” get along politically or even work together. Let’s review one small example: Interest rates for college loans are set by a bipartisan panel at between 5 and 13% As precious as education is to the nation I believe the interest rate for people who qualify should track inflation at 1 or 2% I can’t find one single Normal person who doesn’t agree with that. Our representatives, Republican and Democrat alike are beholden to immoral entities and can not be counted on. So we use our best and brightest college students to write a stand alone, tiny piece of legislation that addresses the interest rate for college loans.

Normal acknowledges that our voting districts and populace are set, either Republican or Democrat and isn’t interested in altering that. The Republican constituents from the Republican district are going to take our tiny piece of legislation and impose it on their Republican representative. The same is true for the Democrat. Normal is civilized democracy in its purest form.

There is something we need to admit to ourselves right now. We are where we are as a nation because we have failed at democracy. It’s time to make things right. Merry Christmas


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