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Come Together, Right Now

Over the past 6 months we’ve been bombarded by a bewildering uncertainty. Pandemic, self isolation, quarantine, social distance and mask up. A perplexing financial dynamic where millions lose employment, as stocks, real estate and car sales go through the roof. A presidential election between two elderly men who appear to be delusional, demented or both. Many take refuge in solitude. “The Devils Workshop.” Some have turned to drugs and alcohol, others have lashed out at loved ones…Domestic violence. As a nation we are consumed by an unpredictability that is immeasurable and slippery. We can’t get a grasp on whats happening.

This may seem an odd time to take up the mission of our National debt, but in fact it is just what the nation needs at this time. A project of enormity, steeped in expectations, accountability and morality. We have a common cause that we can all come together on and actually make great changes. I challenge you. I want you educate yourself on the various components of the waste and corruption so that you can fully understand that the debt is bipartisan and as a democracy is our fault, and I want to have a discussion about this. Go to my forum on facebook (normalparty). Let’s come together and get on with it.


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