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Costly Message

The average cost of gaining and retaining a congressional seat is 1.6 million dollars. Your voting district is a meager plot of land inhabited by roughly 700,000 residents. A political campaign is just a simple matter of getting out a simple message to the constituency. 1.6 Million Dollars!? This is outrageous!, it’s salt in the wound and it makes me angry. I want you to look at the size of your voting district on an electoral map. Now imagine I give you 1.6 million to get out a particular message, with the stipulation that any money not spent you can keep for yourself. Suddenly, there is motivation to be efficient and creative, your message gets out for far less than 1.6 million. Our representatives are showing through ambivalence and a shear lack of creativity that 1.6 million is the price they’re willing to pay to get out a simple message.

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