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Covid Scare?

When I get on a job in an impoverished country my initial goal with my guys is to create confidence. They really need the job and their initial response is to display subservience, which is of no value to anyone. Often, we don’t speak the same language so I get out the plans, tape measures, pencils and pads of paper and we head scratch the thing together. I always push for their ideas on design and use that design whenever possible. Very quickly we establish trust, they gain confidence and we become a happy, cohesive, productive team. Other guy’s do it differently. They belittle using sarcasm and shaking of the head. In a very short period of time their guy’s are ruined and afraid to move. It often makes me wonder if there is an ulterior motive, because what they are doing is obviously not productive. I’ve been thinking about motivation and ulterior motive when it comes to the Covid message. The constant pounding of “People are afraid!!!” “People are hurting!!!” “Whatever you do, don’t leave the house!!!” “Here take this money you desperately need it!!!” It’s as if they’re trying to convince people of these things when it’s so obviously untrue for the majority of the country. It just makes me wonder, what is the purpose?


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