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Dare to Be Audacious Tour

Blog 25 Ya know something? I really like “Us”, we’re just great! And our nation’s debt does not reflect who “We” are. The debt is in fact a direct reflection of our representatives Republican and Democrat alike. And it is ugly. If history tells us anything “We” the good citizens are going to get hammered by the fallout from our representatives irresponsible behavior, and this time around, that’s just not going happen. For years I’ve obsessed over the debt… the overwhelming enormity, the sinful wastefulness, corruption and immorality, But it is only just now that I have realized that I have solid solutions to address it…. The nations debt is so repugnant, repulsive and offensive to our inherent goodness, that it could act as a force of unification the likes of which America has not seen in a very long time. I’m so excited about this revelation that I’ve decided to go on tour to promote it. The “Dare To Be Audacious Tour,” will visit the communities of Washington States 5th district. Because it is against the law to gather I will record a speech beforehand, put it on my website and then physically visit each town and yell to the residents from a safe distance to visit my site Navigate through the podcast and view the solution ladened speech, which will be named for each community. I am very excited about this, and can’t wait to talk with folks about getting our country back on track.


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