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Debt Comparison

Our debt had always been in lieu of something significant and justifiable. WWII was the last time we accrued debt as enormous as todays. It was justifiable then that a case could be made we rescued an entire race of people as well as multiple nations. The highway system, space program, railroads, dams and canals were all responsible for a massive amount of debt, but also produced significant commerce and certainly paid for themselves many times over. It was a debt laced with morality, humanity and a particular audacious toughness that came to define what it meant to be an American.

The circumstances of today’s 27 trillion dollar debt are as ill-defined as the number of wars we are currently fighting. A Google search on the subject will completely exasperate you. Our infrastructure, education and healthcare are in a shambles and after grounding the space shuttle we had to bum a ride to the space station from… The Russians.

It isn’t just that we have nothing to show for our debt, we lose hundreds of billions of dollars a year to waste and corruption, this is bipartisan and brazenly transparent. Because of this dynamic we feel morally untethered, and are left dumb struck and angry. These emotions fuel a sense of wanting to act, but strangely we just attack one another. Guy’s this makes no sense whatsoever. The debt is one national emergency, that “We” can actually deal with. Look I have the means, methods and solutions, now we need a show of force, which begins with us coming together and being counted.


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