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Embracing the Normal Formula

“We,” are easily contained and manipulated by our political leanings. Consider the mysterious feelings of anxiety or anger you feel when someone criticizes Donald or Barack and the party they represent. The divisive characteristics of political leaning have effectively neutralized the power of our mass. Surprisingly, Congress has created a blueprint that allows for productivity despite political leanings. Our representatives literally hate each others guts along political lines but work very well together when it comes to nurturing bureaucratic waste. The waste is a bipartisan vehicle that is used to transfer cash from the taxpayer’s ledger to the ledger of various corporations. It’s how we have ended up trillions in debt with nothing to show for it. So I was thinking in a vein of Shakespearian justice that “We” unify and impose the power of our mass in a concerted effort to vanquish waste. The fact that the only thing Congress can agree on is fiscally destructive to your children speaks volumes about their lack of character and I’m sick and tired of them. It is time to embrace the Normal Formula for the sake of our children and the sake of democracy.


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