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BLOG 8 The emotions of debt are as follows: Shame, Guilt, Cowardice, Anger and Anxiety. We the people are ashamed, and feel guilty over the 22 trillion dollar debt and what it means to future generations. Our representatives are cowards. They created this mess, and know exactly what’s required to get out of it, but find it easier to casually sit by as your grandchildren are economically obliterated. On some level you understand this, which makes you angry. Naturally you would deal with the debt yourself, but the enormity of the thing is overwhelming, which is a source of anxiety.

The weapons of good include, Spirituality, Morality, Sacrifice, Creativity, and Tenacity. Whether Invisible Hand, Animal Spirits, or God himself, the powers of the unseen are a cornerstone, in what is a spiritual endeavor. The majority of Americans are moral. In its current state this is a folksy morality that gives a nod to the Ten Commandments and clearing the snow from an elderly neighbors walk. The immorality of the debt is akin to the darkness of pedophilia. Countering the darkness will require us to up our moral outrage, summon the components of good…Like sacrifice, which means each and every one of us giving of our time and positive energy. There are hundreds of avenues to deficit reduction that haven’t been tapped by an extremely creative populous. This is a very exciting time. That said, darkness will not simply give up and go away. There are physical and unseen entities that are invested. We’re in a long term battle, that requires commitment, and bulldog tenacity.


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