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When our son was nineteen years old he claimed to have hit a rough patch and asked if he could move back home. It was Seattle in the 90s, which meant that if you could fog a mirror, you could get a job. After a bit, and without prospects, I felt some motivation may be in order. I arranged for him to get up in the morning with me, enjoy a nutritious breakfast…(with me), put on appropriate job hunting clothes and follow me to my place of work. As it was only 6:30 in the morning, too early for a job search, his time should be spent on a park bench where he could pray and contemplate life, specifically his. This arrangement actually lasted for some time.

Not much about me has change, I am a man of expectations. Let’s be clear, I am not for putting families out of their homes and do think that there should be financial aid for those who really need it. I’m especially sensitive to the small business person. That said, I believe now is a time for sacrifice and giving. If a person or corporation isn’t honestly in need they shouldn’t take it. This is a time for prayer and contemplation focussing on personal responsibility, expectations of creativity and what is truly best for the entire country.


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