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BLOG 13 Thinking that perhaps the taxpayer could save a little money the Pentagon had requested an internal audit. The auditors agreed that they would focus on efficiency as opposed to eliminating weapons programs. It was found that the Pentagon could save around 250 billion over ten years by simply “Trying” to be more efficient. (The Pentagon was taken aback by this figure, and immediately assured the public that the sum was not realistic, and in fact, unachievable. Ash Carter, then acting Secretary of Defense said that people shouldn’t “Expect” a bureaucracy to perform at the level of private sector. “Expectations” will be a common theme from here on out.)

I was having a conversation about the military with a fellow Republican, when the subject of the the audit came up. His irrational response was immediate and way over the top. Screaming! “You’re RINO. A weak, hand wringing dove, who actually hates his country.” It was obvious from this response that I had a marketing problem, and came up with a motto. “We Can Kill A Lot More People, For Much Less Money.” This motto, which I find sort of unsettling, is not only true, but could actually act as a rallying cry for the Republican masses. It could also act as the `philosophical theme for all bureaucracies. “Achieve Much More, With Much Less, Through Expectations Of Efficiency.”


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