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Blog 22 There are those who have accused us as a nation of apathy. It's suggested that we’d rather plant our head in the sand and ignore our nations obvious problems. I have a different take on this. It isn’t apathy, it’s a lack of expectations. We haven’t exactly planted our heads in the sand, it's that we seek refuge from the chaos and tumult and have found solace in the silence of the sand.

I believe what we’re experiencing is a calculated formula to keep us gut wrenched and sidelined. We find ourselves obsessively aligned with President Trump or Mr. Biden, men who are clearly part of an agenda that does not favor our grandchildren’s future.

We need to gather in a place of quiet reflection, a place that acknowledges our need for expectations to be piled upon us. A place of not just moral behavior, but action based on morality. That place is NORMAL and it’s time for us to assemble and prepare to move as one for the good of our beleaguered nation.


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