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For the Sake of the Kids

Blog 19 Betsy and I haven’t spent much time in the states over the last 20 years, so when Mr. Trump first uttered the words “Make America Great Again,” I was taken aback. Our experience is that, for the most part, people outside of the United States believe that America is absolutely fantastic. The knowledge these folks have of American culture, politics and history are humbling, and when we do speak to Americans the general consensus is that despite the obvious warts and blemishes, America is the greatest place on earth.

Sometimes when feeling especially self-adversarial, I’ll ask myself the question: What does God think of a country that runs up a 22 trillion dollar debt (and still counting) to the imperilment of its own citizens (His children)? A “great” country? Or a country that needs to take the free-will they’ve been given and start changing things for the sake of His and its children.


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