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Gather at Normal

Blog 34

We as a nation are consumed by a hyper-sensitivity which cannot be ignored. Now, more than ever our problem solving must be inclusive and respectful of every walk of life in this country.

With this in mind let’s revisit my solution to our absurdly inefficient tax collection system. We start with two universities that advocate uniquely different economic philosophies, each host to millions of ardent followers. Berkley and the Chicago School of Economics should suffice. From each institution we assemble a group of kids that represent every possible walk of life. Race, color, creed, gender, sexuality, and political leaning. The one thing these kids have in common is incredible intelligence, they are the cream of the crop. Their mission is to come up with a new tax system that is easy, transparent, and equitable. Now you may think that with so many people involved that I’m creating situational mayhem, but the reality is I’m removing emotions from what is a rather simple mechanical endeavor.

The inefficiency of our tax code is intentionally corrupt as it benefits the constituents of billionaires and corporations and very few of the American people. We are going to have to force change upon our representatives. Gather at Normal and be counted.


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