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Godless Industrial Complex

Your representative wasn’t always a cog. Prior to taking office they spoke passionately about our problems and offered up solutions that made sense, and in fact if ever implemented would make a positive difference. They are tickled to have been elected and appreciated the support provided to them by the National Committee with which they are affiliated. It never occurred to them that there might be strings attached. On the first day of work reality sets in. They are reminded of the support the Committee provided them (essentially got them elected.) In return for this they are expected to behave, keep their mouth shut and do as they are told. All the committee has gotten for them is laid out; the $174,000.00 salary, the benefits package, a staff and the fact that they really don’t have much to do. Then they are made to understand that what the national committee gave to them can be taken away in a blink of an eye. In the first hours of the first day, your representative has gone from a clear-eyed idealist with solid solutions for our problems, to a cog in an enormous entity that does not care about us, our children or future generations. Make no mistake “We The People” are on our own, as we stare down this Godless Industrial Complex.


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