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We were working at a remote fishing lodge on the Panamanian-Columbian border. The coast is dotted with indigenous villages, some with as few as 30 residents. Once a year or so the Panamanian government sent down a team of doctors to provide a rudimentary but thorough exam on the residents who wanted it. This was more of an assembly line than bed-side-manner undertaking, but it was productive and many of the indigenous people anxiously took advantage. In relation to this, I watched a news special about two women who drove around Appalachia in a motor home providing healthcare to the uninsured. These two creative approaches to a universal problem…Providing healthcare to the impoverished stuck with me.

Guy’s! Our government is currently bankrupt. Progressives are proposing a healthcare initiative that is slated to cost between 20 and 30 trillion over ten years. There seems to be a disconnect with reality. It’s time we have a sober conversation about our health and what we can honestly expect the federal government to do for us. I’m going to begin the conversation with a repost about a community that lives an unhealthy lifestyle and yet is strangely void of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. A positive attitude is credited for this anomaly, so I am really hopeful.


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