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Interruption in Status Quo

Our representatives earn $174.000.00 a year. After looking at the resume (Wikipedia) of all ten representatives from the state of Washington, I’ve concluded that only three could ever hope to garner that wage in the private sector. The resume of the other seven is actually uninspiring and their wage would certainly be much less than what they are making today. Through unscientific extrapolation we can conclude that congress is overwhelmingly populated by the mediocre, which I think explains the state of our nation. There are wildly successful men and women who are transitioning into retirement at this time. I believe that under the right set of circumstances these extraordinary people would provide us with one term in the house or senate before moving on with their lives. This interruption in status quo could aid in everything from term limits to providing much needed transparency and accountability all across our bureaucracies. NORMAL creates the circumstances and motivation these folks need.


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