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Kinetic Bumps on the Head

Blog 16

When I work in an impoverished country, the locals are thrilled to get any job, and a job working on an embassy with Americans is especially rewarding on many levels. So when a local worker makes a mistake, it can be traumatic for them. I address the trauma with a particular saying. “The only people who make mistakes are people who do things.” I find that saying appropriate to myself at this time.

I got on the ballot in the 5th district primary election, the whole time believing there was no way I was going to win the Primary, which wasn’t a problem for me because my plan was to go on as a write-in candidate in the General Election. This decision (or strategy) was based on my thoughts on the outrageous expense and time of a campaign. Turns out if a candidate makes the ballot in the Primary Election, they are ineligible to be a write-in in the General Election, in the same district…I made a mistake.

I am unfazed by this new development, chastened, but unfazed. I’m a kinetic learner. I’ve got to barge in head first, step back and determine the degree of mess or success achieved, then move forward. This can lead to some bumps on the head, but it doesn’t keep me from continually moving forward.


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