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Lifestyle Decisions

Cory Gallagher shared a good idea for free market, for profit, healthcare that is affordable. Let’s talk about this.

For every hour a doctor spends with a patient the doctor spends two hours on documentation, and they hate it. They are retiring, quitting, and changing professions in droves. What if your community could entice doctors by simplifying their lives.

If you’re going to participate in an inexpensive healthcare program the ability to sue the healthcare provider is completely taken off of the table.

I know a guy whose mother died unnecessarily of kidney failure. She was taking a med that warned not to take for over three months, lest your kidneys fail. She was taking it for a year.

When you look at the number of deaths in the US due to lifestyle “Decisions” it’s startling. There is a segment of our nation that is committing suicide slowly and expensively. I’d appreciate your thoughts on any of this.


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