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The Mission

Blog 20 I am no longer on a campaign, I’m on a mission. It began Sunday in Manito Park, Spokane, approaching strangers, giving my view, having civilized conversation, it was a positive experience. Monday we went to Deer Park the first city outside of Spokane on the tour of the 5th district. I interrupted a basketball game and spoke with some teenagers, and then gave a talk out into the void in front of Deer Park city hall. I have to admit to a sense of futility in this, but am not at all discouraged.

Consider this, the interest alone on our 25 trillion dollar debt is roughly 570 billion. (We pay this annually right off the top.) That is an awful lot, but, when you consider that there is approximately 500 billion in unpaid taxes every year, it changes the outlook. Obviously I have Providence in my craw, but Providence is just one of hundreds of examples of where we could close a loophole to create tax revenue. I haven’t even mentioned the massive bureaucratic waste that we’re all aware of. Our deficit and debt can be dealt with, but “We” have got to try! Our representatives are simply not there for us.

My behavior, approaching strangers, interrupting basketball games and speaking to a non-existent audience in front of city hall are the result of a man who feels a deep obligation to try. Now I’m asking for your help. Please visit/share my site regularly Instagram is normalvoter321. This is a national movement for NORMAL please stand and be counted.


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