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Normal Nation

When I trademarked ‘Normal’ in 2017, it was based on an observation that the nation is split 50-50 Republican Democrat. Delving further, I realized that of the six siblings in my family, we were split equally Republican/Democrat. From this I deduced that political leanings were a result of nature, not nurture, meaning that it’s a genetic make up… we can’t help it. As someone thoroughly educated by nature television shows, I understand that this gene exists in all of us at various levels. Utilizing a bell shaped curve dedicated to political leaning it was easy to see that on one side of the bell there was complete apathy, on the other, complete fanaticism. In the middle the vast majority of us, 85% (A number I borrowed from others) posses Normal! levels of this gene. This level allows us a certain calm introspective and thoughtfulness, and is how I came up with Normal. We find ourselves overwhelmed by the noise, tenacity, and insistence of philosophical superiority, from a tiny minority of people whose blind obsession with political affiliation has led us completely astray. What our nation needs now more than ever is the calm introspective and thoughtfulness of a supermajority, Republicans and Democrats who just happen to be genetically Normal.


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