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Out into The Human Fray

I wear a Leatherman multi-tool on my belt at all times. Mine is the most expensive model and I’ve supplemented it with the optional extension and tips. Scarcely a day passes when it isn’t put to use. So when I made it all the way through the airport security line to the metal detector my disappointment at losing my tool was visible. Seeing this, a TSA employee kindly directed me to a kiosk where, for a fee, I could mail it back to my home. It was great! Well it never showed up. On the verge of ordering another one, I received a phone call from a couple in California. My Leatherman had inexplicably ended up at their house. The woman said that the post had been tattered and wanted to confirm my mailing address so that she could send it back to me. A short time later my Leatherman found its rightful place on my belt. As agreed upon the couple from California had enclosed their mailing address so that I could reimburse them for postage. It was Christmas (2020) so I sent them a card with a one hundred dollar bill and a request that if they were not in need please pass the residual currency onto someone who was. Soon there after I received an email thanking me, and informing me that while they weren’t in need a person who was had come into their lives and they were glad to be able to pass the money along. Not only that but at church the following Sunday the minister informed the congregates that one hundred dollar bills were going to be distributed to every person above the age of eighteen with the stipulation that if the recipient needs the money then by all means keep it but if they don’t please pass the money onto the less fortunate.

What’s important for the reader to understand is that none of this is extraordinary, not the helpful TSA employee, or the kind Californians, not even the happy coincidence of how the church and I had the same hundred dollar gift stipulation, it’s just how life and people are. It’s just so great! I worry that people don’t actually understand this. There is too much time spent online complaining about things that don’t actually matter. I am encouraging you to put yourself out into the human fray and thoroughly enjoy the experience.


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