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Parental Guidance

Blog 15 Our representatives are not our friends, in truth they don’t even like us. They think that we’re stupid, and harbor resentment for having to clamor obsequiously to us come election season.

In a proper democracy the relationship between representative and citizenry is that of child/parent. As parent, the citizen provides direction, discipline, expectations and punishment for mis-steps. A representative brought up properly obsesses on the big picture and a complex mandate that requires thinking in terms of what’s best for the entire citizenry. As you observe the state of our nation, how would you rate your parenting skills? “My God, it’s as if the children have been raised by wolves.” Exactly. You have relinquished your parenting responsibilities to self-serving wolves, Lobbyists and the various industrial complexes they represent.

What this dynamic has led to is a Minuscule Constituency that, economically speaking, consumes more of GDP, than it creates. (See opioid crisis. 08 financial crash) For the sake of future generations we need to reassert our authority.


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