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Personal Responsibility

We’ve been bamboozled and manipulated into believing that the division in our nation is between the normal Joe Republicans and Democrats, when in fact we have almost everything in our lives in common. The division is actually between “We” the people and our representatives and the entities to which they are beholden. What this means in a democracy is that “We” actually equates to “Me” I am personally responsible for the state of our nation. Following this thread, I reckoned that my representative owes me an explanation. “What did we get for trillions in debt?” “How can you sit by with trillions in debt and simultaneously waste hundreds of billions of dollars a year?” and finally, “Do you feel that you owe future generations an apology for the mess you’ve created?” These questions are simple but very revealing. I’ll keep you updated on my progress, but at the same time would like to ask you to consider doing same. Small steps in the right direction.


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