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Poetic Trepidation

Blog 18 I have written poetry in the past, for myself, never seriously considered trying to publish, just something I did in the evenings. Then one day I heard that there was a bar that hosted open-mic poetry readings, intrigued, I decided to check it out. The bar was in an unfamiliar neighborhood, and the people visiting out front were… well, different from my normal. I felt trepidation and a fear that drove me back home. The following week, determined, I went in, had a beer and listened. Their styles were much different than mine, theirs un-rhyming, more angst oriented, mine, humorous, long metered sentences, and rhyming. After a few visits I gained confidence, and read one of my poems, it was not well received. After a few more attempts someone suggested another venue. As it turns out, I fell right into this new venue, people loved my stuff, and from there, went on to participate in the Seattle Slam Poetry scene, where I won my share of events. It was a very positive experience for both Betsy and I.

Just as the unknowns of past experiences (and there have been many), the unknowns of this latest venture have me filled with trepidation and fear. But instead of turning around and going home, I know if I keep trying, it will lead to another success story.


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