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I have realized parallels between professional wrestling and our legislation. When it comes to professional wrestling, I think most of us understand that there are no good guys or bad guys, that’s just part of the show. I would imagine that many of the athletes are good friends who work very hard at their craft. The acts are probably carefully rehearsed and choreographed, avoidance of injury being a priority.

Legislation is much the same way. The raucous back and forth between Republicans and Democrats is also a choreographed act. Let’s use the healthcare debate as an example. The reality is that our legislators from both parties are bought and paid for, and actually benefit from our dysfunctional healthcare system. So what they do is come up with two unique healthcare plans, scream at one another about short comings, then meet for cocktails at 6. The goal of this act is to sideline us by inflaming the Kleenex Effect. It’s a system that has proven effective time and time again. There is no way this will change, unless we stand together and change it. My plan is seriously solid.


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