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Raise Your Hand

Recently there was a leak that exposed a loophole in the tax code that billionaires were taking advantage of. There was an enormous amount of outrage shown…for the leak not the loophole. President Biden is asking for 80 billion dollars (Over a 10 year span) to be used for auditing. The IRS mission is actually quite simple, collect revenue so the country can pay for its roads, wars and so forth. In aid of this mission the IRS relies on a 11.8 billion dollar annual budget, roughly 74,000 full time employees and a 4000 page tax code. The vast majority of those pages are dedicated to tax avoidance. In return for this we realize 500 billion dollars in tax non-compliance annually. What I see is indifference, absurdity and ineptitude and I feel compelled to do something! The Normal response? We draw one student from every state. This student is stellar and sits at the top of their class in accounting, tax code, and compliance. These fifty extraordinary people make up “The Panel” “The Panel For The People” Their mission is to simplify the tax code by reducing its enormity, closing loop holes, in an effort to collect much more revenue…NOT by raising taxes, but by taxing fairly, equally, creatively and transparently. Now I need to ask, do you see the Normal Formula as absurd, even more absurd than status quo? The reason I ask is I see the Normal Formula as a solid mechanical solution to our problems, and I can’t get any traction. I have like one friend, some guy named Bruce, apparently he’s lonely, has emotional issues. Whatever. I need to attract 280 million good Americans who are ready to raise their hand and say. “I’m Normal”


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