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So Help Me God

In a democracy “We the people” are the parents, the disciplinarians. The current state of our nation is a result of an undisciplined child and it’s time to have this adult conversation with our representatives:“Your annual oath of office concludes with the statement ‘So Help Me God.’ That is a powerful statement, especially when taken literally. Do you take it literally? How do you suppose God feels about being insinuated into this catastrophic mess that you have made? Your contempt for us, our children, and future generations is palpable, and when juxtaposed to your adoration for the nefarious entities who have committed themselves to the dismantling of our democracy for the sake of gathering as much cash as possible is repugnant. You are a cog in a corrupt, immoral and Godless industrial complex. We are through with you and we’re going to take our country back. So Help Me God.”


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