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Stop The Presses

Blog 24 I spoke to a friend who has been enjoying his newfound retirement. He pointed out that his life had not been significantly affected by the pandemic or the economic fall out that came with it. He had a nest egg and his pension was solid. Why would the government send he and his wife $2400.00 that they didn’t need and didn’t ask for?

A short time later I was speaking to a man outside of his small town municipal building. He was there to license a pickup, a pickup that he had just purchased for 85 dollars. The man wore a t-shirt from a local junior high, after a ribbing from me, and the laughter that followed. He pointed out that the t-shirt was a 2 dollar purchase from Goodwill, and in perfectly good shape. “Check out this stitching!” Our meandering conversation eventually led to pandemic and the government response. This man, whose frugality I respect, surprised me by pointing out that the 1200 dollars sent to him by the government was not needed. “I certainly didn’t ask for it.” He said.

We know of a family who was dramatically affected by the pandemic. They have a 4 year old and the family was dependent on daycare, which had been closed. The father is a professional bartender, who immediately became unemployed for an indefinite period of time. These peoples lives were dramatically changed on many different levels and legitimately needed help, for what could be a long time.

To print up trillions and fire it out into the masses without apparent thought or a long term plan makes no sense to normal people. Most folks I talk to believe the money should be distributed based on need. Families like our friend the bartender’s who may need help for months to come. There is a way for the funds to be made available for such folks without having to go back to the printing presses.


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