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BLOG 17 Seeking support and knowledge, I’ve been emailing universities all over the nation. The thought being that members of the universities would write the regulation that alters our relationship with the likes of Providence hospital.

This is the pitch I intend to use starting out: I will not use your name or the name of your university under any circumstance. First of all, forming a relationship with some guy doing a podcast from his mom’s basement is problematic on all sorts of levels, not least of which are vocational. Secondly, We’re talking about altering billions of dollars of revenue stream. Providence and the likes are not going to casually accept this. I’m not saying that your life may be in danger, but I could imagine your luck changing. Didn’t get the promotion that was expected, child inexplicably turned away from entrance to private school, stellar reputation besmirched. Thirdly, I will not ask you to put pen to paper unless I can muster at least 10 million followers on social media. (Mine is a fools errand if I can’t excite at least 10 million starting out.) And finally, I envision that the face of those constructing our regulation is that of our university student. Multiple students from multiple states representing diversity, racial, political, gender, sexual orientation, and so on. These students would be partnered by equally diverse faculty members, which would create a Whack-a-Mole situation, making it difficult for Providence to target and lash out.

Consider for a second that these thoughts are not the result of an excitable, paranoid man, and that this convoluted process outlined is what democracy has come to look like. Hiding, covertly, constructing regulation to address corruption that is blatant, and transparent.

We need to experience success, gain confidence, and pick up some swagger. In other words behave like an American. I believe Providence offers just such an opportunity.


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