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Blog 30 Our tax code is complicated and thousands of pages long. The result of this is hundreds of billions of tax revenue that goes uncollected every year. Under our current set-of circumstances this is unacceptable. The tax code is a product of bipartisanship and the thought of trusting our representatives to make the tax code simpler and more equitable is absurd. It is up to the “good” Normal people of this country to address it.

Here goes!: My plan begins with the Berkley School of Economics and the Chicago School of Economics. The economic philosophies from these two universities are vastly different and each are intensely adhered-to by millions of people. From each school a panel of genius-like students is formed. These panels are made up of every race, color, creed, gender, sexuality, political leaning. The reason for the diverse makeup is to ensure that everyone of us, no matter our demographic is represented, therefore creates trust. The fact that we can get a group of highly intelligent people to help us for free is a bonus.

The result of our panel’s hard work will be a new tax code that is simple, efficient, transparent, equitable and huge source of revenue for our government (us).

Now for the implementation. Our representatives are going to dismiss our work as silly. In reality they are for the status quo, as it benefits their actual constituency. We’re going to have to stand up for ourselves. That means that a Normal Joe Republican constituent is going to make clear to the Republican representative that they will implement our work into law. The same holds true for Democrats. This represents democracy in its purest form.

Is this unconventional? Yes. Is it audacious? You damn right it is! And it’s what Americans do. We’re strong, creative, God fearing and we will stand up for the little guy. Especially if that little guy is us. I am willing to have a conversation with and listen to anyone who can come up with a better strategy or anyone who may have ideas on how to better my plan.


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