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Donut complacency

Blog 12 While we were living in Panama, stateside friends came to visit. My buddy announced that he had seen a bakery in the neighborhood and was going to walk over for a donut. A bit later he returned empty handed. “No more donuts?” I asked. He explained that while there were plenty of donuts he couldn’t get anyone to help him. He was irritated, he assigned blame... “There is something wrong with those people.” Back home he assured us all that he would be taking his business elsewhere

My buddy went to a donut shop to get a donut, they had donuts, and yet he somehow failed! to get someone to take his money in exchange for a donut. We can’t allow this to happen us. Our goal is as clear as a donut in the window, yet the obstacles are far more formidable than a Panamanian waitress. It is imperative that we stay focused on the prize. We have for too long been accepting and complacent in regards to our empty-handedness.


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