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The Kleenex Effect


We are weak, divided, and emotionally fragile. This is not the result of a haphazard, cosmic event. These emotions have been drawn out of us via intentional, mechanical, endeavor, by unchristian entities, for the sole purpose of enriching themselves. First, it’s important to understand the emotional-mechanical methodology used to bring us to where we are.

Our personal political leanings are not a decision, a choice, or an opinion, they are a weird supernatural manifestation that are inflicted upon us. An affliction with inexplicable characteristics similar to horny, and much like horny can lead to irresponsible and sometimes self-destructive behavior. Before you dismiss this as ridiculous, think about it, doesn’t it in fact explain everything?

I’m a Republican. I pride myself as a man of common sense. I’m calm, level headed, and thoughtful. It is somewhat baffling to me that I have such a visceral reaction to Hillary Clinton’s opinion on, let’s say…I dunno…Kleenex! Just as perplexing is the personal offense I would feel should someone be critical of Mitch McConnell’ Kleenex stance. I use a handkerchief, now suddenly, I’m ready to go to blows over Kleenex? This is an example of cause: The affliction of political leaning, and affect: A paralyzingly strong opinion on Kleenex.


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