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Throw out the rulebook

Prior to becoming president, Mr. Trumps companies declared bankruptcy four times without Mr. Trump suffering personal wealth loss. At the same time families like ours had a very difficult time getting out from under student loans, medical or credit card debt, circumstances be damned. When I mention this to my friends who are ardent Trump supporters they respond viscerally, “It doesn’t matter! It doesn’t matter! It doesn’t matter! And by the way what about the Clintons?” Which is precisely why it does matter. Mr. Trump and the Clintons represent a tiny segment of society where risk /reward is completely skewed. It’s important to understand that Mr. Trump and the Clintons are not doing anything illegal, they’re just following the rules…rules that they have created and that specifically benefit a super minority. The problem is that societally speaking, the rules are economically and morally unfair. Normal is a movement to level the playing field, which begins with admitting that both the Mr. Trump’s and the Clinton’s rulebook needs to be thrown out.


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