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Time To Act

It’s been two years of Covid, You’ve been vaccinated and have gotten the booster. You hope the mandate will stop the thing once and for all, but you’re cautious and stick close to home. You are prepared and just waiting.

You’re convinced we’re headed for civil war, you’ve acquired guns and plenty of ammo. The weaponry has been sighted and cleaned, the ordinance has been carefully stowed. You’re prepared, and just waiting.

It’s the end of the world, everything is aligning just as the bible tells you it will. You’ve been pouring over the scriptures. You’re clean, mind, body and soul. You are prepared, and just waiting

So you’ve prepared for the worst, and you’re waiting, taking your temperature, peaking through the blinds, and saying the rosary…Damn! nuthn. Consider this: Covid comes to pass but a civil war and the end of the world do not, that would mean all of the time spent waiting is time wasted. I believe that right now is a perfect time to reestablish some democracy and the Normal formula is the perfect vehicle for this.


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