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Time to Take Action

The firefighters who lost their lives on 9/11 were both Republican and Democrat. We wouldn’t dismiss an individual’s heroism and ultimate sacrifice based on political leaning, it is beyond comprehension. If your home was on fire you wouldn’t interrogate and dismiss firefighters based on their political affiliation, it’s an absurd notion. These are situations where political differences don’t apply. Strangely the current state of our nation is another example of a place where political differences have no place. Democracy is burning down and it is not the fault of our Republican or Democratic representatives. It is the failure of the citizenry…You and I are responsible for where we find ourselves…That’s Democracy. I believe that Normal provides a safe place for us to gather and be counted. Our government waste which I reckon to be around one trillion a year, represents an opportunity to exert our power. Will you please go to my You Tube channel Normal Party Brendan O’Regan and watch the 3 min video. I don’t shout, I am not derogatory, but I believe the methodology to be sound. I’m asking you to share this. I’m asking you to go to my website normal and be counted. It’s time to take action.


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