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WE Will Get There...

Blog 27 Reardan, Davenport, and Harrington made up the communities of the first stop of the Dare To Be Audacious Tour. We’re in farm country, which is sparsely populated. I visited a tire store, grain and fertilizer distribution centers, talked with census takers, visited the nine hole golf course, which is made up of eighteen holes with two pin placements on the greens. Stopped at a livestock auction facility that auctions cattle and sheep every Monday. I spoke to four different contractors, everyone was swamped, and I found it surprising that the work was coming from within their small communities, though one guy mentioned a siding job coming up in Spokane.

I basically spoke to anyone who would hold still. It came to no surprise to me to find that everyone very friendly. There were a couple of quirky responses to the “Debt is not sustainable, nor insurmountable” pitch. One woman looked at me a little critically and asked if I was from Seattle, and another guy refused my card saying that the last time he had anything to do with the government he ended up in Viet Nam.

My message on the debt was met with a sort of resigned, “Yep, you’re right.” I may as well have announced that I was going to fly by wildly flapping my arms up and down when I told people that I had a fix for the debt. Missed completely was that my initial goal was convincing people to visit my website, so as to be counted as Normal. The idea of creating a citizen army that writes and dictates legislation for the benefit of “Us” is not quite resonating. I do believe WE will get there.


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