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ILL-Timed? I Think Not.

Blog 31 The Dare To Be Audacious Tour might seem ill-timed, what with an election, the pandemic and world wide economic upheaval, but what if it isn’t ill-timed? What if it is absolutely perfectly timed? I’m excited, upbeat, I can feel us positioning ourselves for a successful coup of positive intervention, but you need to further prepare yourself.

Opioid Shmopioid. Addiction is a luxury that we cannot afford at this time. Quit moping, hand wringing, and vying for last place in the race of victimization. You’re Normal. 85% of us are good. With that comes responsibility. It is time to assemble, don the white hats of morality, take the “Hill” and wipe out the pessimism that is eating us alive. Race to the tracks of gloominess and despair and free the future generations, before the train of debt mashes them into oblivion. PHEWWW!!! Just in the nick of time. Make them aware of their pedigree, of the creative tenacity that has led to the moon walk, cutting edge scientific discovery, and the building of the Panama Canal. Sorry, but this is not the end of times. Take your face out of your hands. Stand up straight. Put down the bag of potato chips, and prepare yourself to fight the “Good Fight” Now is the time:


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